Artistry Edition



8.45 FL OZ

Celebrating the Art and the Craft that the Mazzetti family have embraced for nearly 80 years, Our Artistry edition contains Felice Mazzetti's most special recipe, aged for at least 3 years to deliver the most prestigious product in our PGI range. Hand packed in a beautiful champagne-style box, this is the perfect gift for someone who appreciates fine foods, provenance and the joy of an artisanal craft. It's the Italian Art of Dressing, lovingly explained and beautifully packaged.


- ABM consorium seal - PGI Logo - NON GMO certified

Ingredients & Nutritionals

Cooked grape must, Wine vinegar.

Contains sulfites

Tasting Notes
Label black
Drizzle Density
Aged 'Wood Notes'
Cooked 'Fruit Notes'

What Our Masters Say

Every small and exlusive batch of Felice's favourite recipe is a testament to the patience and craft that is inherent in every drop of this precious liquid.

Enrico, cellar master

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